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Contents of the current Forum in English


The Contents/Index of the Forum in English (in the same order as in Bulgarian) :

* Hang Gliding (Deltaplanerism)

* Hang Gliding in Bulgaria
(the English part of the forum)
* Hang Gliding
(discussion, video, photo)
* For those who want to fly
(introduction to hang gliding)
* News, gatherings, and flying
(competitions, coming events, organization)
* Safety and skill of flying
(take-off, landing, turning, stalls, soaring/cross-country flights using thermics)
* Meteorology
(weather conditions, clouds)
* Hang Gliders - Classification
(training gliders, beginners gliders, intermediate class, sport wings, tandem wings, rigid wings, home-build and reparing your wings)
* Equipment/Accessories (Harness)
(beginners harness, sport harness, safety parachutes)
* Motor-Delta Flying (Trike)
(delta-flying with engines)
* Facts, Events, Persons
(about our members, ...)
* Other things surrounding flying..
(getting a ride, transporting your wing)

* Buying, Selling, Giving away

* Hang Gliders, Harnesses and Safety Parachutes
* Helmets, GPS-systems, Varios, Radios

* Bla, bla, bla  (General talks)
(other themes: Ideas for the contents of the forum, Design of the DeltaClub.bg Logo, ..)

You are invited to give improvements or additions to the contents/index.
(or ask questions about them.)


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